Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Knitting Only Family

It's been difficult to find time to post. I read and comment on a lot of blogs but just not posting on my own.
Knitting has been slow because of my lupie hands. The cold just makes my hand unable to function. So I sit sadly looking at my knitting basket with dreams of finished projects dancing in my head.

These are pictures from Thanksgiving.
Our puppy Maggie who now lives at my Last Borns' new house.

Last Born has taken over Thanksgiving. Here she is making pumpkin bread.

Yarn is never too far away in our family.
This is First Born crocheting a Spiderman Blanket.

Every year after the big Lupus Gala in NYC that raises thousands of dollars to find a cure. A friend at work brings me this.

I am thankful for people like her who care enough to help find a cure and I get chocolate too!

First Born has a new livingroom which we will be breaking in Christmas Day because she has taken over that holiday.

Oh no I have no more holidays to host!!!!
My plan worked.