Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Laptop New Stuff To Learn

This is my first post on my new laptop! I can't tell you how hard it is to learn new things at my age but with First Borns help I'm pushing ahead.
My new Grandbaby Ella is an amazing little girl. She has had so many tummy problems any other person would be sad all the time but not my Lula! She is such a happy baby and I hope she gets a break soon.

These little leggings are a free pattern by Jennie Kuzman found here.

These Bonnets are from a great new book I just got.

Vintage Modern Babies by Hadley Fierlinger.

The Modern Baby Bonnet is a great pattern that is easy to follow and the Bonnet fits beautifully.

They look even better after they have been blogged.

Last but not least a picture of Ella in one of the sweaters I made for her.

Now off to get supplies and get ready for a big snow storm.
First Born and I hope to Skype for the first time today and I will get to spend more time with my Lula!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The World of a Grandma!

My first faceless pics of my Lula(I think that maybe my nickname for her) and she knew just what to do!

I think I may have to eat those feet.

Gifts from good friends and a Bunny from her Tia.

Mommy getting L ready to go home.

As they leave the Hospital/Hotel.

Home resting and enjoying each others company on a blanket I crocheted.

In my arms wrapped in a blanket crocheted by her Great Grandma!

L dreaming while covered by the Teddybear blanket I made her.

Back to knitting.
This is a sweater I posted about a while ago. I added the crocheted trim and the flower and think it looks much better.

I finished this cable sweater by Sirdar Spinning Ltd in Berroco Weekend cotton yarn.

It's still too big for L but can't wait to see her in it.

Now let me can to reading some of my blog friends posts.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

She's Here!

My beautiful granddaughter was born September 14th. First Born went in to the OBGyn to check how things were going and found out that little L wasn't breathing well and even though she wasn't due for 2 weeks he thought it best to do a c-section
So at 5:14 Tuesday September 14th L came to meet her family. She was 7lb 6oz and 19" long.
I've been staying with First Born and her husband to help with L, so haven't had time to post pictures. I will be getting some faceless pics of L to post soon.
I also have some knitting to post as well.

Monday, August 30, 2010

No Knitting Because Life Gets In The Way

Belly watch!
Less than a month to go.
First Born is so tired I don't know how she is going to make it to the first day of school on the 8th.

Construction has come to an end for First Born with the beautiful new floors in the family room and the amazing new windows on the first floor.

Family room done!
Smudge Bunny must make room for L.
Check her Blog for more pictures of Smudge.

Baby Shower went great and was a surprise thanks to Last Born giving up her birthday.
She is the best sister!

First Born and husband spent a few days with us during window install.
I loved have them.
We made sugar cookies.

Mommy made one special for L.

More attic finds.
Rainbow Bright is perfect after a good bath.

What more will I find?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Great Finds!

Belly pics

L's bed

More pictures here on First Born's blog.

I'm now rushing to put buttons on all of L's sweaters.

This is a Smocked cardi details here.
I found then cute heart button on the floor of the middle school I worked(key word) at.
I'm thinking of adding more details. Crochet trims and maybe some little flowers.

This is a cabled smock with ribby yoke details here.

While cleaning the attic I found these treasures.

These beautiful linen hand made baby things were given to me by my Titi Lidia in a beautiful basket to bring my babies home.

They are all hand made by an order of nuns in San Juan Puerto Rico.

I was so happy to see that they were all in perfect condition after 30 years.
I love to look at the tiny stitches and the amazing details these women put into there little garments. At the time we had no idea if we were having a boy or a girl. In the OLD days boys and girls would wear these.

The yellow blanket has Dios Me Bendiga (God Bless Me) worked into it and has a little dress to match.
The white has Baby on it

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Retirement and the Start of My New Life

The last day of school was not sad. There were no tears or long goodbyes.
I just walked out with my flowers,balloon and chair to my husbands waiting van.

I thought of my 36 years and what it all meant. I guess time will help me understand.
Today was the start of the Understanding.
When I got home from spending time with First Born and her constuction war zone this was waiting for me at the door.

In my 36 years of teaching there were some wonderful people that entered my life.
Mr.JV was one of those wonderful people. His kind,caring soul has shared the births of my girls as well the passing of too many of my loved ones.
His puns would help me get through some hard days and when help is needed he is always there.
Thank you Mr.JV for being a good friend and a class act!

Here is First Born getting Ela's room ready.

Ela is not the only thing under construction!

This is what the construction war zone looks like. For better pictures check her blog

This is my husbands new family. I love to hear him play!

Have not had much time for knitting but did finish this little hat.

These are a few examples of crochet beading I did prelupus.

I gave away many things I had made.
Here one can see the different textures you can make with the use of different size beads.

I hope some day to be able to do this kind of work again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

WWKIP And More

What would a post be these days without a picture of First Born's growing belly.
Some people want a child and it just happens but we don't seem to have that kind of luck. It took my husband and I six years and a miss to have First Born. First Born and her husband had a difficult time as well so this little girl is very special to us.

We went to stix-n-stiches to Knit In Public and had a great time with First Born and Pat.

I left with some great yarn on sale!

A good friend had a surprise 60th birthday party. There was a knitting birthday cake(First Born has a picture here on her blog) and these yarnie cupcakes were given out at the end.

I went to a party my school gave for the retiries just the week before. Those who planned it did a great job but I just didn't want to be there because I didn't like most of the people that were there and I'm sure they feel the same about me. This birthday party came at just the right time! It was filled with love and joy for my friend and such welcoming people.

Look what I won!!!!!

I entered a contest Impausible Yarn was having and won this beautiful yarn. I'm feeling a pair of gloves!

First Born has always been an Alice and Wonderland nut so I will be passing these on to her.

Heather is such a sweet person and added this cute Alice bag!
Thank you so much you made my day.

These are vintage Alice fabrics.

I think I will make a bag out of them.

This is a cute little baby hat by Jennifer Sauselein and can be found here for free.

This is a blanket I'm working on for L out of washcloth patterns.

I'm two days away from the end of my school teaching life. I will soon start my grandbaby teaching life and can't wait!