Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thanks to Sunday Holm

Sunday helping Pat get some yarn for a project she was making.

Last summer The Chalk Dust Knitters went to our LYS Stix-n-Stitches to have Sunday Holm give us some lessons on Fair Isle knitting. She told us the story of an EZ sweater she was recreating the pattern for. We were amazed as we often were with Sunday, her gifts as a knitter and the giving and humble person she is.
Now this lost EZ sweater has been found and will be brought back to life by the many knitters that will make it.

Please take the time to read these articals because they will touch and inspire you. Twist Collective Joan Morhard Smith

Twist Collective Sunday Holm

Let's remember and thank Sunday Holm for the many months she spent birthing the pattern. If not for her love for knitting and EZ this sweater would have been lost forever.
Thank you Sunday!

Chalk Dust Knitters showing off their Fair Isle last summer.

This was mine.

Now look what I can do. See what a good teacher Sunday is!
This is a pattern by Jeanne Stevenson.

It's very easy and fast to knit up. The model is First Born

I used Knit Picks(brown)and Zarella(green)yarns.

While at Stix-n-Stitches this week I picked up Made in Brooklyn by Jared Flood.

I also picked up some Fresco from Classic Elite. My daughter posted beautiful picture of the yarn on her blog and we will be making this together.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good People Good Knitting Good Life!

I would like to thank the following bloggers for helping Lupies after reading my last post.

First Born amazing daughter.

Two Cables


What Did I Learn Today?

Living Lupie my friend in the fight.

Dr Chop Suey Knits


Thank you all for taking the time to help. You are not only great bloggers and knitters/crocheters but awesome people!

The Chalk Dust Knitters met up. Some members were missed
Crochet with me where are you?

School Nurse Jackie feel better soon we need you!

Diamonds and Purls hurry back from AC.

New to the group Sassy Super Librarian her blog is new and will soon be on it's way.

As always lots of good food, knitting/crocheting and talking.

My husband and I went to dinner with some good friends to a new place.
Assembly Steak House is an old school Steak House.

The pictures were sent to me by Daughter A and I don't know how to center them. I will ask First Born to help.
I had the Filet Mignon.

Mom M and College Freahmen Daughter A had the Roast Prime Ribs of Beef.

Hubbie and M's hubbie J had the Maryland Crabcakes with Chesapeake Corn Sauce.

There is nothing like good food and time with great friends. I am truly Blessed!

Now to some projects.
I am almost finished with the first Almeara Gloves by Jared Flood.
I am making them out of cascade 220 tweed. Always check for corrections when starting a project. I didn't do that and the middle finger isn't right. I went to the Vogueknitting sight and not only found that correction but found one for the thumb. Other than that I am enjoying the pattern.

This is Flora by Tentenknits an inspiring knitter and designer.

This is only the 3rd fair isle project I have done and I need more work with those floats.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lupies Need Your Help!

No pictures or stories just asking for help.

Lupus Foundation of America Needs Your Help -- Urge Your Senators to Cosponsor S. 1630, the Affordable Access to Prescription Medications Act

Go to here

Click on the link "Urge Your Senators to Cosponsor S. 1630, the Affordable Access to Prescription Medications Act," enter your zip code in the box called “Call Now” and click on the “go” button. You’ll then be presented with the contact information for your senators, as well as get talking points for what to say when you call.

Please ask your family, friends and coworkers to call on your behalf as well.

For more info about Lupus go here.
Thank You

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lancaster Pa

Picture crazy post!
Projects are ready to go!

I love the sight of farm-land and rolling hills.

We had breakfast at Clinton Station Diner.

Oh yes it is a train going right into the diner!

When you go in

you can eat in the car!

We stayed at Best Western Eden Resorts Lancaster
Check out our room.

The housekeeping staff is awesome.
The best part of the room was not the two large rooms with large flat screen TVs or the double sinks or the turn down service with the chocolate coins left on the bed each night.
The best part of the room was the shower!

When you get past all the cornball tourist things

and this sight is no longer a surprise

there are some amazing places for fiber nuts to go.

The Kitchen Kettle Village has some great shops.

I found some beautiful pottery at theVillage Pottery for my daughters.

My new yarn home the
Lancaster Yarn Shop.

The shop is so beautiful I couldn't pick one picture so I am posting all!

I have walked to new yarn shops alone and felt I just wanted to turn around and run out because the people were so cold.

Wendy made me feel at home.
I wish I could have gone to their Thursday night meeting because I'm sure all who go must be friendly folks.

These are yarns by local fiber artists.

I found some great books and amazing yarn!
I hope my First Born will make a shawl for me out of the yarn by
I will make a pair of gloves for her from theWhorled Peace yarn.

The last day I found Labadie Looms.

She has beautiful spinning wheels and looms.
As always I found more great yarn.
Autumn House Farm yarn is so beautiful I can't wait to start a project with it.

The best part of the trip was our visit to Eastland Alpacas.

Picture from Eastland Alpacas website

These sweet animals are so soft and friendly I just wanted to take one home.

The ranch is so beautiful and run in such a loving way. The animals seem to be part of the family. The tour was very informative and even my lupie body could handle it.

This is one of a few llamas they have.

At the store I found this beautiful yarn.

If you are ever in the area make the trip to Eastland Alpacas it is great.

On the road home I finished the gloves I have been working on for months.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Love Crochet!

While cleaning out my Last born and Hubbies apartment upstairs I found a bag of projects I made many years ago.

These are two blankets I made from Make One For Baby by Carole Rutter Tippett.

The pattern is called Waffle Stripes and you can see why.

This is #2 blanket.
I made up the trim.

I think this pattern makes a great fabric for any blanket. It doesn't have many holes but the fabric is very light. I don't like when the fabric is so heavy that you get tired just having it on you.

These little sweaters are from Worsted Weight Layettes by Carole Prior.

A little cap to go with it.

The pattern was easy and fast to make.

This is another example of the great fabric crochet can make.
I may make a blanket but don't think I can find the same yarn.

Those knitters out there that think the fabric made by crochet doesn't meet up to the fabric one can get from knitting are missing a world of beautiful and inspiring work.

Knitters Learn to Crochet/ Crocheters Learn to Knit It will open up a New World to you.