Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good People Good Knitting Good Life!

I would like to thank the following bloggers for helping Lupies after reading my last post.

First Born amazing daughter.

Two Cables


What Did I Learn Today?

Living Lupie my friend in the fight.

Dr Chop Suey Knits


Thank you all for taking the time to help. You are not only great bloggers and knitters/crocheters but awesome people!

The Chalk Dust Knitters met up. Some members were missed
Crochet with me where are you?

School Nurse Jackie feel better soon we need you!

Diamonds and Purls hurry back from AC.

New to the group Sassy Super Librarian her blog is new and will soon be on it's way.

As always lots of good food, knitting/crocheting and talking.

My husband and I went to dinner with some good friends to a new place.
Assembly Steak House is an old school Steak House.

The pictures were sent to me by Daughter A and I don't know how to center them. I will ask First Born to help.
I had the Filet Mignon.

Mom M and College Freahmen Daughter A had the Roast Prime Ribs of Beef.

Hubbie and M's hubbie J had the Maryland Crabcakes with Chesapeake Corn Sauce.

There is nothing like good food and time with great friends. I am truly Blessed!

Now to some projects.
I am almost finished with the first Almeara Gloves by Jared Flood.
I am making them out of cascade 220 tweed. Always check for corrections when starting a project. I didn't do that and the middle finger isn't right. I went to the Vogueknitting sight and not only found that correction but found one for the thumb. Other than that I am enjoying the pattern.

This is Flora by Tentenknits an inspiring knitter and designer.

This is only the 3rd fair isle project I have done and I need more work with those floats.


Zel, The Grimm Witch said...

Love the it is that they made this boarderline vegetarian hungry?? Next time we knit I need to get the green tea!!

lizzzknits said...

I love those gloves, and from an outsider, I don't see anything wrong. As for the floats on the fair isle, give two handed stranded knitting a try. Basically, one color is thrown with the right hand, and the other color is picked from the left. No tangles, and a pretty even float on the back. Works especially well while working in the round!

beegiekp said...

Love both of your new projects.....I'm sure no one can see that mistake in the finger except you. The fair isle hat is great & brings back some nice memories of Sunday at Stix.

Megan said...

Mmm... crab cakes look good!

The Jared Flood gloves look AMAZING! I love the color, I love the tweed. I fell in love with those when I saw them in Vogue and you are making me want to make them even more. They look so good!

Faith said...

I love those gloves! Beautiful!

Lynne said...

Oh man, those gloves look good in tweed! And that prime rib made me hungry and it's still an hour away from lunch!!!!

RiaRe said...

Ok, the pics were great BUT OMG, now I am very hungry.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Beautiful gloves ! I love the hat. Ummmmmmm to the crab cakes.