Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lancaster Pa

Picture crazy post!
Projects are ready to go!

I love the sight of farm-land and rolling hills.

We had breakfast at Clinton Station Diner.

Oh yes it is a train going right into the diner!

When you go in

you can eat in the car!

We stayed at Best Western Eden Resorts Lancaster
Check out our room.

The housekeeping staff is awesome.
The best part of the room was not the two large rooms with large flat screen TVs or the double sinks or the turn down service with the chocolate coins left on the bed each night.
The best part of the room was the shower!

When you get past all the cornball tourist things

and this sight is no longer a surprise

there are some amazing places for fiber nuts to go.

The Kitchen Kettle Village has some great shops.

I found some beautiful pottery at theVillage Pottery for my daughters.

My new yarn home the
Lancaster Yarn Shop.

The shop is so beautiful I couldn't pick one picture so I am posting all!

I have walked to new yarn shops alone and felt I just wanted to turn around and run out because the people were so cold.

Wendy made me feel at home.
I wish I could have gone to their Thursday night meeting because I'm sure all who go must be friendly folks.

These are yarns by local fiber artists.

I found some great books and amazing yarn!
I hope my First Born will make a shawl for me out of the yarn by
I will make a pair of gloves for her from theWhorled Peace yarn.

The last day I found Labadie Looms.

She has beautiful spinning wheels and looms.
As always I found more great yarn.
Autumn House Farm yarn is so beautiful I can't wait to start a project with it.

The best part of the trip was our visit to Eastland Alpacas.

Picture from Eastland Alpacas website

These sweet animals are so soft and friendly I just wanted to take one home.

The ranch is so beautiful and run in such a loving way. The animals seem to be part of the family. The tour was very informative and even my lupie body could handle it.

This is one of a few llamas they have.

At the store I found this beautiful yarn.

If you are ever in the area make the trip to Eastland Alpacas it is great.

On the road home I finished the gloves I have been working on for months.


Michelle said...

Looks like an awesom time! I love all your alpaca picts!!

lizzzknits said...

Looks like a great trip! Love the mittens!

Grandma Elsie said...

Oh I love Alpacas... We have a farm not to far from my house and I have only went there once. But I bought 2 skeins of Alpaca yarn and knit a pair of gloves with it. It felt like silk going through my hands. I just wish I had some with Nylon in with it so I could make socks. It will wear out fast by it self I hear.
I loved going on your trip with you by bloggers. Thanks.
Elsie <><

Zel, The Grimm Witch said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful yarn. I'm ignoring the poor bunny on the floor staring at me for a pet and petting my alpaca yarn instead...Bubba is nuts to give up a claim on it! And your golves look so cool. I love that colorway!

Cybèle said...

Lovely photos Lupie - makes me want to come over... Looks like a great yarn shop!

SuKnitWitty said...

What a wonderful trip...Thanks for sharing the YarnShops and AlpacaFarm or is it a Ranch? Beautiful're ready for cold weather, and they look so very warm.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oh Nice Post !!! I love those pictures. The knitting shop was divine. What a great trip and I love your gloves.

beegiekp said...

Looks like you & Jose were living the good life (love the shower). And of course, you found all the yarn shope in the area and got some great yarns. Hope to see them on Friday.

lunaticraft said...

Oh man, I love Lancaster. It's such a great place. I have cousins who live a little ways past there, and it's always a pleasure driving through.

P.S. - The gloves are beautiful!

Latisha said...

These pics are incredible - it looks like it was so much fun! The diner, the yarn shops, the alpacas - thanks so much for taking us along.

Sigrun said...

When a friend went on vacation and we couldn't get away, we'd say "I wish I could hide in your suitcase". This blog post is like I'm hiding in your suitcase. nice trip.

LFA said...

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petrina said...

the alpacas are very cute especially the spotted one! :)

Abbey said...

What a fabulous post!! The pics are great, and what fun! Thank You! I feel like I got to enjoy some of the trip with you!

Domie's Mom said...

Wow, what a trip. Looks like so much fun:)

DrChopSuey said...

That hotel room! That cute shop! The scenic views! Those cute alpacas! I'm going to post this comment and read about your trip again because those pictures were great! It looks like you had a great vacation.

And your gloves are coming out lovely (as always you glove knitting fiend!). ;-)

Fran said...

Must have been a great trip judging by your pictures. I'd be nuts about that shower, too. Very contradictory to that luxury shower, I was camping (for my first time ever) in the Canadian Rockies. I really missed the shower.