Saturday, March 6, 2010

A View of Many Things

I just love our Maggie! She's an old lady but still has a great spirit.

We had a great time at The View!

Barbara came out to talk to everyone before the show started.
She looks awesome!
I have a signed copy of her book Audition which is a great read.

The girls getting a touch up and chatting.
Whoopi was off but we saw her the last time we went.

Barbara getting ready for the next guest Lisa Kudrow.
I have no pictures of her because she ran off without even looking at the audience!

Sherri is very sweet and funny.
Both times I've gone to the show she spent the most time in the audience during the breaks.

Here is Producer Bill Geddie with the cast.

There were no give aways but it was great fun and First Born put in for more tickets!

I finished the Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater a great free pattern by Carole Barenys.

I have been making button holes on both side because we don't know what we are having.

Also finished is the Oden Baby Cardigan designed by Lena Lundbladh. Lena is an awesome designer and she was so nice to give this great pattern for free.

I made it with Finnean's Rainbow yarn by Autumn House Farm.
I love the pattern and have already started a second one.

I'm also working on a design by Bianca Boonstra who was so kind to gift me two of her beautiful patterns. More details to follow.

This free pattern Teddy Bear Baby Blanket by Barbara Breiter is another project I'm working on for my future Grandbaby.

Last is a picture of the last snow fall. I hope!!!!