Monday, August 30, 2010

No Knitting Because Life Gets In The Way

Belly watch!
Less than a month to go.
First Born is so tired I don't know how she is going to make it to the first day of school on the 8th.

Construction has come to an end for First Born with the beautiful new floors in the family room and the amazing new windows on the first floor.

Family room done!
Smudge Bunny must make room for L.
Check her Blog for more pictures of Smudge.

Baby Shower went great and was a surprise thanks to Last Born giving up her birthday.
She is the best sister!

First Born and husband spent a few days with us during window install.
I loved have them.
We made sugar cookies.

Mommy made one special for L.

More attic finds.
Rainbow Bright is perfect after a good bath.

What more will I find?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Great Finds!

Belly pics

L's bed

More pictures here on First Born's blog.

I'm now rushing to put buttons on all of L's sweaters.

This is a Smocked cardi details here.
I found then cute heart button on the floor of the middle school I worked(key word) at.
I'm thinking of adding more details. Crochet trims and maybe some little flowers.

This is a cabled smock with ribby yoke details here.

While cleaning the attic I found these treasures.

These beautiful linen hand made baby things were given to me by my Titi Lidia in a beautiful basket to bring my babies home.

They are all hand made by an order of nuns in San Juan Puerto Rico.

I was so happy to see that they were all in perfect condition after 30 years.
I love to look at the tiny stitches and the amazing details these women put into there little garments. At the time we had no idea if we were having a boy or a girl. In the OLD days boys and girls would wear these.

The yellow blanket has Dios Me Bendiga (God Bless Me) worked into it and has a little dress to match.
The white has Baby on it