Sunday, April 12, 2009

When The Frog Turns

I have started many small projects because whenever I started a large one it would be frogged for one reason or another.

The gloves are still safe and almost done.

I started another Noro Silk Garden Scarf.

This is a scarf from Knitty.

I will post details when I finish it.

This was to be a top down cardi from Lion Brand. It met the frog way because I just didn't like it in this yarn.

I enjoy working on many projects at a time but I also like to finish them!


Latisha said...

It's good to see you're back and knitting! My, you've been busy. Love each piece you're working on - beautiful. I, too, am working on Wisp from Knitty. What yarn are you using? - it's beautiful.

Tante J said...

I hope this means you are feeling better! The gloves look awesome!

lunaticraft said...

I seem to be the opposite, as its my small projects that always seem to meet the frog before they're even off the ground! The gloves are glorious, and that scarf from knitty is turning out beautifully. What pattern is it? I think it needs to be added to my queue! =D

lara griffiths said...

the noro color you chose is fantastic.

love the gloves.

sadly i DONT frog. they just sit in the closet when they stress me too much.


Jo said...

Everything looks great! I especially like the Knitty scarf.

I've got a Noro scarf that looks a lot like yours.

Amanda said...

Love the gloves - gorgeous colour. And the scarf from Knitty is looking very interesting. There is definitely a lovely sense of satisfaction in finishing something.

petrina said...

I love the colour of your gloves! At least you frog them and they can be something else you will enjoy more :)

Quick projects are great!

Anonymous said...

The gloves are beautiful. Seeing them makes me want to try to make some. I hope you are feeling well and stay that way.

Yvette said...

maybe I should frog like you do, but I don't . they just sit there in my giant unappreciative rubbermaid container. lol

Daisymum said...

Those gloves are so cute!!!!I need a LYS bad. All the yarn I see you uses is so beautiful!

Thrissle said...

Thanks so much for the welcome to your ravelry group... I'm inspired to start frogging and reusing my yarn.. and I just love the Noro scarf!