Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Again!!!!!!!!

This is when it all started. A few days after Christmas we got 20+ inches.
Today we had the 4th storm in 4 weeks and I hear there is another storm on it's way for Tuesday.

We had a special holiday this year with Lula added to the game table.

Now that First Born is back at work Lula is with me all day and I'm loving it.
This is the bookcase filled with books and toys from her Mom and Tia.

I have everything I need to take care of grandbabies. Bring them on Last Born!

Here is my new laptop and the awesome screen saver pictures of my family.
I'm still working on learning to use it but I do love it.

This is a sweet little jacket I made for Lula. Jardin Baby Jacket is by Melissa Matthay free and can be found here.

The button are for show and there are snaps behind them.

This was a sweater I had on the needles for many months and is now done.
Lucille by Courtney Kelley is free
I ran out of yarn and had to shorten the sleeves but I still think it looks nice.

Back to my love of making gloves. These are another pair of Magical gloves without the flap to cover the fingers. First Born wanted them so she could take care of Lulas needs without taking off her gloves.
It's a free pattern by Jo Calvert but for some reason I was not able to find the site found. The yarn is by Rowan Kid Classic and amazingly soft.

I just started a pair of gloves that will also be fingerless made out of Flat Feet.
The pattern is a great basic glove pattern by Sandi Rosner found in a great book Not Just Socks. Anyone who enjoys working with small needles and sock yarn must get this book.


stringsofpurls said...

Sounds like you are in Grandma heaven! Love the little sweaters!

Glenn Dragone said...

great little sweaters!

Amanda D Allen said...

That bookshelf looks like so much fun! I would want to hang out there.

Amanda said...

Wow, some great knitting there! That must be one of the best dressed grandbabies around :)

Maria said...

Your projects are lovely. Would not mind perusing the bookcase too

goldenbird said...

Sounds like you are enjoying being a Grandma! Those little sweaters are adorable ... especially the purple one. I will soon have a little one in my life and simply can't wait (my sister is pregnant). I'm knitting my first baby blanket today!

Wow, so much snow. Hope things have warmed up a little.

Abbey said...

Lupie,that nursery is so darling! I'm here wishing you many more grandbabies to care for there!! Stay warm and safe in that mountain of snow!! Happy Knitting!!

lunaticraft said...

Looks like you're all set to be the awesome grandma! =D And adorable knitting.

Also, soooo jealous of the snow. They've been hearkening the Snowpocalypse for weeks here now, and we have yet to see an accumulation more than 5 inches.

DrChopSuey said...

Hello Dear Lupie! I hope you are staying safe and warm despite all that snow!

Pam said...

I love the baby room, and with the ladybugs over the doorway (I collect ladybugs). I'm going to try knitting the Jardin Baby Jacket; it looks like a fairly easy pattern. I don't think I'm ready for the other one yet, but I'm getting there.