Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New pictures of old projects

The Debbie Bliss, Baby Bobble Jacket was my first attempt at cables.
The yarn is Rowan handknit dk cotton and was very nice to use with the cables.

The knitty Trellis was my next cable project.

The yarn I used was Adrienne Vittadini Trina that I bought on sale at stix-n-stitches.

As I have said in the past, the buttons can make the sweater. I'm still looking for the right buttons for this sweater.
These were the projects that started my CABLE MADNESS!


Dibosai said...

Nice work Lupe!

Alison said...


LenaL said...

How wonderful they are, I just love the cables! Especially the green one, it's marvelous!

Have a nice day!

schoolnursejackie said...

These sweaters are gorgeous Carmen... I have silver buttons with a celtic knot in them waiting for a sweater EXACTLY like yours! I think I got them at Patricias Yarns in Hoboken - I'll check when I'm there next week. There's a cable lovers group on Ravelry - FYI... they would love for you to post your FOs! Great work!

Michelle said...

Wow! those sweaters are awesome! Ive done simple cable projects but I really love yours!

smariek said...

Absolutely gorgeous cable projects, I can't decide which one I like more because they're both great! Great job! I still haven't worked up to making any type of sweater yet so am always in awe of other people's sweaters.