Sunday, December 28, 2008

Way Too Many Pictures!

We have had a tradition in our family since the girls were little of getting Christmas board games and playing them all day. The tradition continues but now the games are more mature.

Even tradition will not stop the knitting! There is also origami being created in the background.

Yes,these are a Christmas present my first born is making for her sister.

More game playing.

Lots of origami.

And more game playing!!!! All the games are beautiful and lots of fun.

I got some great stuff! I do love Lucy!!!!

Lots and lots of awesome yarn.

This is my silly husband with one of his gifts.

My last born is and artist.The Art Geek is the website of her work.
She took these beautiful pictures for me.

I am working on Columbia Beret by Sarah Pope Blue Garter.

Yarn Heaven!

This Noro Silk Garden will soon be a take off on brooklyntweed's Noro Scarf for my husband.

This is all way too much for Maggie. She is the reason everyone should go to a shelter and adopted an older a pet!
This is where we found Maggie Pet Finder.


Michelle said...

Wow! What a yarny haul! Looks like so much fun!

RiaRe said...

Board games!! What an awesome idea and tradition. I think I just might add that to my Christmas activities next year...hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea!
Such beautiful yarn also.
I noticed that you all can mutiltask...knitting and playing board talented all of you are. Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family.

RiaRe said...

Maggie is so precious!!!! I have such a soft spot in my heart for pets. As you can see by my cat Pepe is everywhere. They are so so precious!!

Calling on Kahlo said...

I love your family! I can't believe you guys played Battlestar Galactica! We had a huge marathon during Thanksgiving.

Amanda said...

Delicious yarny goodness - bliss!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

WOW! Loads of awesome yarn gifts :-) I love that...hehehe :-)

Wishing you a wonderful start of 2009, with lots of love, good health and plenty of knitting time.

Sophie said...

Wow, lucky you ! Merry belated Xmas to you and Happy New Year ! I wish you the best to you and your family, may 2009 be filled with health, joy, yarn and with not money to buy more yarn ! :)

Daisy mum said...

Wow, who knew to get you such beautiful yarn? That person should get the "Awesome person of the year award". The board games look awesome as well. So envyous!!!!!!Of all your yarn.

Sanguiknity said...

Haha, now you put me on a yarn high ;)

(Battlestar Galactica is awesome!)

Anonymous said...

Wow it looked like you had an awesome christmas.. our family plays games too but its always poker, cards, monopoly, we can't play Sorry anymore because my brothers always fight with that one *lol* and they are in their twenties *hmph*
Love the yarn haul as well.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year

WingedStrategos said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all and it looks like the beret is coming along nicely. I'll have to look it up since I've been tempted to make myself a beret lately.

Beth Lower said...

That looks like alot of fun Lupie!! What a great way to get the whole family to sit down and spend some time's also fabulous you can knit until it's your turn:)!! The yarn and oragami are gorgeous. I'm glad you had a great Christmas.

Steffi said...

Oooh, my mom and I have always spend Christmas Eve night and Christmas day playing games. This year it was Boggle, Yahtzee, Skip-Bo, and Bananagrams. Lucky, lucky you on all of the yarny goodness!

me said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

Look at all the yarn you got!!! Who can say no to Rowan or Lorna lace? hehe! Happy New Year to you!!!

Iron Needles said...

You got yourself some YARN!

Happy New Year!

petrina said...

Wow! lots of yummy yarn!! Your stash must have grown heaps!

Kathleen said...

Wow! What are those board games? They look like fantastic fun!