Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today I Meet My Son.

OK so he isn't my for real son.
Jared Flood better known as brooklyntweed did a book signing at stix-n-stitches my LYS.

He was nice enough to humor me!

Getting my book signed.

KP getting her book signed.

My Beaumont Beanie Done

The Fresco Classic Elite is too fuzzy for my sinuses.
I messed up the top but will make it again and get it right.

I'm all set for my next Flood project. Quincy in Ariosa Classic Elite.


LenaL said...

Oh, that hat is gourgious! I think it looks perfect, and wish I could do such a beauteful work!

Take good care of yourself!

RiaRe said...

The hat is beautiful. I am sure it was exciting to meet your "son" and have him sign your book. All of your projects are made with so much love and you can see the love when you see the completed projects!!! You are truly gifted.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow, how nice to meet Mr. Flood. I love your hat. Hmmm, I hope he's coming to my LYS soon.

lunaticraft said...


And that hat?! WOW. Beautiful.

Shannon said...

Wow that's awesome!!!!!

Latisha said...

Great entry! So happy you got to meet (and get your book signed) Mr. Flood. Your hat is so sweet, as all your work, and I bet you'll love wearing it as it seems cooler weather is around the corner! :)

Pooch said...

I get the feeling that Ms. Knitting Bear may think that you're in her house rather than her being in your attic! She is a cutie, a keeper for sure! I enjoyed seeing your many projects. The Almeara gloves are simply gorgeous!

petrina said...

wow! How lucky that he had a book signing @ your LYS!!