Sunday, October 4, 2009

On the way to keep others warm!

Part of empty nest is going through a life time of Things. I went to the attic to check out how many things I had and I found this.

She is so sweet!

I have no idea how she got in the attic but she is home now.

On their way to a new home.

The school I teach in is 6 years old. In the summer the air often doesn't work but in the winter it works great! The classrooms get very cold and I made these for a coworker.
The pattern is Raspberry Mitts which is a free pattern by Tidewater Knits.

This scarf is for the son of a new friend who feels like an old friend.
He started an upscale NYC high school and will be doing a great deal of walking in the city on cold days.

I hope this keeps him warm.

My family is blessed to have the L family as friends.
This scarf is for Papa JL who wears a scarf at all times.

JL has multiple sclerosis but doesn't let it hold him down. He holds a full time job and whenever you talk to him he has a smile on his face and is inspirational.

To find out more or learn how you can help here are a couple of websites.
National MS Society
MS Association of America

The gloves I'm making Mama ML and Daughter/College Freshmen AL are ready for the last fitting.

I've started the second Almeara Glove which already is better than the first. I will have to make another pair so they both match.


Sigrun said...

I love the little bear. Those are wonderful, beautiful, generous projects that you have been working on. What's next on the agenda?

Amanda said...

Great knitting and I just love that bear!

Sel and Poivre said...

So much lovely knitting for others! You're an inspiration!

lunaticraft said...

Those are beautiful projects. I feel warmer just looking at them!

The bear is so cute as well. I love finding things like that in my attic and basement.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

The little bear is too cute. Wow have you been busy. Very nice items and I love the yarns you're using.

RiaRe said...

I collect bears, that bear is extremely cute. The scarves, gloves, etc. that you are making for others are absolutely gorgeous and kind of you. You have a lovely heart!!!

DrChopSuey said...

All sorts of warm goodness in this post! It made me feel so comfortable and cozy just looking and reading your post! :)

Megan said...

I love the bear! I love that her bag says "Knitting is my bag" that is too cute!

I am still so in love with those Jared Flood gloves- if I could stop knitting for other people for five minutes I swear I would cast on for them! You are doing a truly beautiful job with them.

Abbey said...

That bear!! Glad you found her!!
and how can you say your knitting is slow? Everything is so beautiful...I can feel the love from here in New Mexico!!

SuKnitWitty said...

It's finally getting cool..not in Texas. Sooooo ready for sweaters, scarves, socks, and gloves. Your projects are great and the recipients will feel the warmth and love that went into each stitch. Bear in the Attic....mmmmmm...wonder what other furry things are there to discover. Come see me soon....Sue

Latisha said...

Wow! you've been so busy - all are beautiful projects and I love the yarn you chose for each of them. How do you manage to keep up with your knitting :) Happy Knitting!!!

Fran said...

Wow! I can't believe how productive you've been. I especially love the Almeara Gloves. The teddy bear is gorgeous! How fortunate you found her.

Faith said...

I love your knitting! Could you tell me the name of the patterns for the scarves? (Is Almeara the name of the pattern or the yarn? I love both!) Thanks so much!!!

petrina said...

so many lovely accessories! The bear is so adorable :)

Joansie said...

I especially love the Noro scarf and the gloves are beautiful. You've accomplished a lot!