Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brag Time

I must show off some off how gifted my daughters are.
Not only are they awesome teachers but they are artists as well.

First Born has made beautiful jewelry.
These are just a few things she has made for me.

More can be seen on her blog
The GrimmWitch of Jersey
on the left bar under My Jewelry.

Last Born is a visual artist.
These paintings are of her grandfather.

This is from a picture of Pipa,as they called him, in the 1940s.

Those who knew my Dad know this painting looks just like him!

I just love this painting and was so thrilled when she gave it to me!

More of her art can be found at The Art Geek.

Look What I Got!!!!

I have been eyeing this
Namaste Bag online for months!
I walked into a LYS to get needles for the Central Park Hoodie I am going to make for First Born and asked the sales person to show me the bag. I almost past out when she told me it was on sale for $36!
There is tons of room for big projects.

I will be showing it off when The Chalk Dust Knitters/Crocheters meet on Thursday!

This is the cable scarf I made for Mr.J being blocked.

It is the Reversible Cable Scarf by Lion Brand made from Adriene Vittadini Trina.

I normally don't like making scarves but I enjoyed this pattern so much I'm sure I'll have another one on the needles soon.

Finally finished Wisp by Cheryl Niamath made from Tilli Tomas Silk 'n Shimmer. I love this yarn!

Thanks to Sunday for recommending it.

First Born is modeling a beret I made out of one of my fav yarns Cascade 220 tweed.
The pattern is from Le Slouch
by Wendy Bernard
which was free on Ravelry but is no longer available.

I looked for it on her website but couldn't find it.

I'm glad I have a copy because I know I will make another soon.

Last Born is modeling Norwegian Gloves by Nancy Bush.

They're made with Dale of Norway/Dalegarn Baby Ull. The yarn is nice to knit with but it's not wearing well.

I will make this pattern again but I will never use this yarn again.

Next post will have faceless pictures of The Chalk Dust Knitters/Crocheters meeting.


Zel, The Grimm Witch said...

I LOVE your bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara said...

Your children are amazingly talented. You have plenty of reason to brag. Great knitting!

knakedknitter said...

Love the jewlery and paintings. You've got very talented daughters.

Michelle said...

OHH what a deal you got on your bag! I have the same one (I didn't get the deal you did) and I love it! It's my fave bag!

all your knitting projects are awesome too!

Daisymum said...

I like the glove pattern. I am still struggling with having holes between the fingers where the bottom of the fingers meet. Not sure why. I must not be doing something right. However I can admire yours!!!

Kate said...

You must be so proud of your kids! So very talented!

And you must be proud of yourself, because those gloves are breathtaking! I just love them!

Sigrun said...

You're right to brag about your daughters. Their work is incredible.
That's a great bag--I'd have trouble deciding which projects (of many) to put into it. I'm going to go right away to find the pattern for that reversible scarf--I have just the yarn in mind.
Have a great day, week, month, etc.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

What an awesome post ! I love your children's artwork ! I may make the cable scarf for my mom, I love the Wisp. It's beautiful. The gloves are really beautiful. Thank you for letting us know that the yarn is wearing already. Wow, that's a disappointment. I must say you knitted those pretty quickly. I love Cascade yarns and it does your LeSlouch pattern beautifully. Congrats on such a nice bag. I've been salivating over those for a while !

lara griffiths said...

how wonderful! you have such a talented family. what a wonderful christmas :)

And thank you so much for the reversible cable scarf link. yours has inspired me to knit another cable project in spite of my previous experiences.

Amanda said...

This is a post brimming with beautiful things - what a pleasure!

Abbey said...

OH MY!! What an awesome post!! I LOVE the bag too! Your children are so talented, I sure wish I could get a daughter into making jewelry for her mother!! I love the paintings of Grandpa! What a joy and blessing! As always, your knitting is FAB! You sure are productive for a Lupie!! XOXO

goldenbird said...

Your daughters are both so talented! The jewlery is gorgeous and the paintings are breathtaking.

Your knitting projects are amazing. I know I'm just gushing about everything on your blog, but you are an incredibly talented family.

Anonymous said...

Very talented daughters you have. So amazing. That baq rocks too!!

Kathy N said...

Wow. They are talented.

And you have been busy! All that knitting deserves a new bag. ;)

Anonymous said...
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Calling on Kahlo said...

OMG-the jewelry is beautiful as well as the paintings. I already went to check out the websites.

Michele said...

I LOVE everything. I'm privileged to see the girls artwork in person and Alexa owns a piece of first born's jewelry. The knitting is beautiful as always, and I'll get to see the bag today! I may have to steal John's scarf as I think it's too beautiful for him to wear.

Maria said...

The girls are extremely talented. I LOVE your bag. Your projects are awesome. I am speechless!!!!

Sel and Poivre said...

What a flood of items to show and tell! So much talent and creativity in one family - brag on, brag often!

SuKnitWitty said...

Your Daughters are very very talented indeed. The jewelry is beautiful and so well designed for any occasion. As a former art teacher, I'm really impressed with your daughters paintings. Her contemporary style is well done and you can tell her subjects are ones close to her heart. Just great...I know you are so proud of both.
Really enjoyed seeing your latest knitting projects. I haven't been on Ravelry in awhile, and our Wednesday Trio won't be meeting again until March. All three of us are booked up with other, company, new grandbaby! Enjoyed my visit today as always to see what you've been knitting!