Sunday, September 7, 2008

Struck Gold!

I had a friend give me her aunts old knitting and crochet things. These are vintage treasures that will be shared with both my daughters and a fellow Chalk Dust Knitter.
How lucky are we!

These wooden boxes are so beautiful!

They were fulled with old knitting needles and some crochet hooks.

There's more! There were two hairpin lace loom. When I first learned to crochet my aunt taught me how to do hairpin lace. She gave me her looms and they are older than these. I hope I can find them. I want to teach my daughters to use them.

We also got this vintage knitting needle case.

So cool!


picperfic said...

h wow...what treasure! I really want to have a go at hairpin lace, but what would you make from it?

Dibosai said...

Thought you might enjoy the meme on my blog so consider yourself tagged. See my blog for the questions.

smariek said...

Those are beautiful needle boxes!

LenaL said...

How lovely! Isn't it nice with such vintage things?

Hope you'll have a great week end!

Anonymous said...

That's totally cool... there's something awe inspiring about thinking who used those needles before you and what did they make? What a gift!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

What a wonderful gift. Those wooden boxes are really special.