Friday, September 5, 2008

This is my closet!

I'm starting my 35th year of teaching and for 30 of those years I taught in large classrooms with windows. My fellow workers would make fun of me because I would open the windows in the middle of winter.
Now, as you can see,not only do I have to fit 16 students a teachers aide and myself into this little room, I have NO WINDOWS.

This may be my last year so I got myself a new chair.

I knit when I get a minute to keep me from going crazy!
End of nonknitting post.


LenaL said...

Oh dear, it really looks narrow! Hope you will manage it!

You have got a challange on my blog, but you really don't have to accept it, just leave it if you want to!

pepper said...

eww. i hate school :P

me said...

35 years!!! Stacey called you, Barbara and John the dream team of Sped. Your classroom is insane. Have a great year.

me said...

I really like your chair.

RiaRe said...

I love your chair!!